Monday, November 28, 2011

C4K Summary Post (November)

C4K# 9

For my ninth comment for kids, I was assigned to comment on Mr. McClung's 8th Grade World post Lessons Learned. In this post Mr. McClung talked about spirit week at his school. The kids get to dress out each day in costumes that fit that particular day such as cowboy day. During that week Mr. McClung took part in a beard off contest. He wont the contest and had to shave his beard what ever way the kids chose.
I commented on his post and said that spirit week sounds like a lot of fun! I then mentioned how their spirit week is very much like homecoming week at the school I went to. I ended with saying that I enjoyed reading his post and looking at his blog. It brought back memories from when I was younger.

C4K# 10

For my tenth comment for kids, I was assigned to comment on Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog. The post I commented on was Skyping With Georgia! This post was about a Skype interview that Mrs. Yollis' class had with a class in Georgia. She ended this post with what some of the students had to say after the interview.
I commented on this post saying that I really enjoyed the blog post. The students really seem to enjoy Skyping with students from different states. One of her students, Ellie, made a comment after the interview saying that "They “shoot the Hooch” on weekends. That means they ride the
river on a raft." In my comment I said that Ellie's response brought back a memorie of mine because a few summers ago me and my family took a trip to Georgia and we got the "shoot the Hootch"! I ended my comment with telling them to keep up the good work!

C4K# 11

tutti frutti gum

For my eleventh comment for kids, I was assigned to comment on Isara's blog. She did a post that was titled The Important Invention Named Chewing Gum. In this post she explains how Adam Smith randomly decided to chew on a piece of chicle. He then decided to add mint flavor to the chicle. This prompted him to open a factory and make chewing gum.
I commented on her blog post saying that she did a great job and I had never thought about the guy who invented gum. I thanked her for teaching me something new and then asked "I wonder what made him decide to try the lump of chicle?" I ended with telling her to keep up the good work!

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