Thursday, December 1, 2011


Post 1 on Dean Shareski's blog Ideas and Thoughts

Dean Shareski

The first post that I commented on was Mr. Shareski's post Guitar Lesson 8. This post was about the joy in learning. First I watched his video of him learning a new song the guitar. I then read his post that says he is having trouble with his students finding joy in learning. I commented on his post saying that I enjoyed his blog post! I think learning new things is always fun. For my EDM310 class I have had to learn a LOT of new things. In fact, I actually enjoy learning new things. At the beginning of the semester I was overwhelmed and hated the class but, I have realized that everything I am learning will benefit me in my future as an educator.
I think that people should be more open minded about learning. If they were more open minded about it, they might find joy in it. There will always be challenges when learning new things but, the outcome of learning something new is always good.

Post 2 on Dean Shareski's blog Ideas and Thoughts

The second post that I commented on was Mr. Shareski's post EdTech Posse 7.2. In this post, Dean Shareski posted a recorded podcast. The conversation that takes place in the podcast is about different things happening in each others lives. One of the people talks about a recent trip to Australia and one speaks about her new book. I commented on this post saying that I really enjoyed listening to his podcast. I also mentioned that for a group project in EDM310, my group chose to do a podcast and we really enjoyed it. I ended my commenting with saying thanks for an interesting and enjoyable podcast.

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