Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Assignment 13

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For this blog assignment I chose option 1. I had never heard of WolframAlpha until I looked at the blog assignment for this week. I have also never heard of Google Squared until I looked at this weeks assignment. I was unable to use Google Squared because every time I clicked on the link an error message showed up.
This assignment asks " What percentage of China's population is the population of the United States?" I got two different answers to this question. Depending on how you interpret the question, I got 439% and 22.89%. If you do the math as China's population divided by the United States population, the answer is 439%. If you interpret the question as what percentage of 1.35 billion (China's population) is 309 million (United States population) the answer would be 22.89%. I copied the question from the blog instructions and pasted it into the search box on WolframAlpha and the answer it gave me was 439%. I also typed in the question but instead of the actual words, China's population and United States population, I typed in the actual number of the population and the answer it gave me was 22.89%.
I was also asked "What percentage of Indias's population is the population of the United States?" This question can also be interpreted two different ways. When I typed in the question exactly how it was stated, the answer I received was 393%. When I substituted the names of the countries with the countries actual population number, the answer I received was 25.54%.
After doing this research I still find the facts from our first blog assignment mind blowing. I can't believe how much bigger China and India are than the United States.
I think WolframAlpha can be very useful for my future students. It can be used when we do in class projects and projects at home that require researching different things. I think it might be more useful for students that are in middle or high school because I think that they will be asked to do more research than elementary students will.

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  1. Ashley,
    You were very thorough in carrying out the assignment! I also find it mind blowing how much larger their population is compared to the United States. We consider ourselves the greatest country on Earth, when many countries are superior in many areas, such as Findland and its school system.
    It is good to get familiar with sites like Wolfram Alpha that you may have to assist your students in the use of later.
    Great job!