Thursday, September 8, 2011

C4T #1

C4T comment 1 on Karl Fisch's Blog, The Fischbowl

Karl Fisch assigned his algebra student's their first writing/blog assignment. They were instructed to talk about how their first week of school has been and any concerns they may have. The student's are also told to set three goals for themselves for this semester. One goal related to the school in general such as grades or sports, a second goal related to Mr. Fisch's algebra class, and a third goal outside of school.
I left Mr. Fisch a comment saying that I love the idea of his first writing/blog assignment. I said that it is a good way to learn about his student's and their goals. I also said that more teacher's should assign their student's to do the same thing so that the teachers can better understand their students.

fish bowl

C4T comment 2 on Karl Fisch's Blog, The Fischbowl

My second comment was on Mr. Fisch's blog post of a video called Iowa, Did You Know? This video is an Iowa specific verson of Did You Know? Mr. Fisch says that he thinks this could be a good conversation starter. I commented saying that I agree with him, the material in this video can be a good conversation starter. I also said that the video is very interesting and that all of the statistics are mind blowing. One of the statistics that really caught my eye was that 25% of american family's live in a house with only cell phones and I am one of those families.

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