Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Assignment 2

Did You Know 3.0
By: Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod

Did You Know 3.0 is a very interesting video. It shows how much technology is growing. It also shows that we are constantly learning and opening out eyes to new experiences. One fact said that the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004. It also said that we are currently preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist.
The statistics in this video are mind blowing. Something that really caught my eye was how rapidly the earths population is growing. During the video 67 babies were born in the U.S., 274 babies were born in China, and 395 babies were born in India. This makes me wonder, where are all of these people going to go? Is there enough room on Earth for all of these people? This video helps us to understand that we depend on technology in ways we did not realize, it shows that we use technology to help us solve problems that will effect us in the future.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
By: Mathew Needleman

In the video Mr. Winkle Wakes, Mr. Winkle wakes up after being asleep for 100 years. This videos shows Mr. Winkle walking through a city and encountering many new things such as computers and machines in hospitals. The one thing that had not changed and that was familiar to Mr. Winkle was a school filled with students listening to their teachers lecture.
This video shows how much technology changes over the years. Mr. Winkle is uncomfortable with the new technology but, in my opinion, the new technology is a good thing. The fact that the methods of teaching had not changed was comforting to Mr. Winkle. I also like the fact that the methods of teaching has not changed very much. I think that to much technology can take away from learning.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson stresses the importance of creativity and education. I agree with what he has to say. He thinks that creativity is being done away with and that students are being told what to learn and what to do. Students are being told that without education, they can not be successful; but what about the students who have trouble learning in school? The students that want to use their creativity to become successful? Those students are being shut down. I think that creativity is very important and that schools should put more emphasis on creativity.
Robinson shows a concern of academic inflation. In today's society it is becoming harder and harder to find a good job with just a 4 year degree. Many students are going the extra mile and furthering their education which makes it easier for companies to require that their employees have more than just a 4 year degree. Students have grown to fear being wrong which leads to less risks being taken. If teachers could focus more on creativity and students could learn to not fear being wrong, many people might pursue creative careers such as art and dance.


Cecelia Gault (Young Student in Finland) Interviews Sir Ken Robinson
By: Cecelia Gault

In this video Sir Ken Robinson is being interviewed by Cecilia Gault. One thing she asks him about is the three myths of creativity. Robinsons response to the first myth that only certain people are creative is that the myth is not true. I agree with him and I think that everyone is creative in their own way and that different interests can spark different types of creativity. I also agree with his thoughts on the second myth of creativity that creativity can only be about certain things. Robinson says that creativity can be about anything. Robinsons response to the third myth of creativity that you are either creative or your're not is that you can teach people to be creative. I agree with him and I think that to help someone be creative all you need to do is get them to try new things and open up their minds to new ideas and perhaps spark to new interests.
Robinson states that he think that computers should be at the center of education. I disagree. I think that computers are very useful and can be of great help, however, I think that to much use of computers can take away from the learning experience.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smart
By: Vicki Davis

Vicki Davis has created her own method of teaching. She states that not all students can succeed with just pencil and paper, however, by using technology all students are encouraged to succeed.
I do not agree with her. She is teaching her students things that they can learn on their own. I think that students should learn about math, science, language, and the history of the world while they are in school. I also think students can benefit from knowing how to blog and how to do things on a computer, however, I do not think that those things should be taught in the classroom.


  1. Ashley,

    I enjoyed reading your post and I was so glad that you did not agree with every single thing required for this blog assignment! It shows you are thinking critically and thinking for yourself. I had a question about your blog post in the part about "Mr. Winkle Wakes." You said, "The fact that the methods of teaching had not changed was comforting to Mr. Winkle. I also like the fact that the methods of teaching has not changed very much."

    Do you think the creator of this video intended for this to be a good or bad thing that teaching had not changed very much over the past 100 years and why? I am interested to hear your expanded opinion on this!

  2. Most of your comments I agreed with completely. I can see that you are a critical thinker and can see how technology can and will eventually help improve the school systems. While reading over your blog for this assignment I did not notice any great errors. I must admit that you are a good writer, much better than myself. Although with me saying that I would suggest that comment on Cecelia be possibly two paragraphs. I can see that in the future your skills will help you become a wonderful teacher!

  3. Elizabeth, I think that the creator did intend for that to be a good thing. To me, it shows that technology is not taking over the classroom like it is in other areas. I think technology can be very beneficial but when it comes to teaching it is not necessarily that important.

    Amanda, Thank you so much! I think I meant for that paragraph to be two. I will definitely look into fixing that.