Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

After reading this article I found out that iPods can be used in many ways. Many people think that iPods are only used for listening to music; however, they can be used for studying, reading books, and learning. iPod' and iPad's are not only good for adults but for children as well. Young children can play games that help them learn their colors, alphabet, animals, and many more. Apple now makes a lot of different apps that can be very beneficial when it comes to learning.

iPod video lab at school!

Benefits of Podcasting
By: Joe Dale

After watching this video I realized that there are many benefits to podcasting. With podcasting, teachers can record their lectures so that their students can re-watch them for review. Podcasting can also be used as a good project for students. Students can come up with their own ideas and make their own podcast. Podcasts can be of great use for students that have to miss school because they are sick. Teachers can upload each of their lectures so that the student can listen to them or watch them from their home computer. Podcasting is also good for parents. If a child is having trouble with a certain subject, the parent can watch the podcast so that they can better help their child. Podcasting is also an opportunity for parents to get involved by seeing what goes on in the classroom.


After reading the article “1st Graders Create Their Own Read-Along Audiobook” I was very impressed. Each student in the class read a part of a story and was recorded. Once the entire story was recorded, she turned it into a podcast. The teacher then created a little booklet so that the children could follow along as they listened to the podcast. The students really enjoyed listening to the podcast and following along with their booklet. I thought that this was a great idea. It really gets the students involved and excited about learning. I plan to do projects like this in my class room when I am a teacher.

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