Friday, September 30, 2011

C4K Summary Post (September)

kids blogging

C4k #1

For my first comment for kid I was assigned to Victoria. Victoria attends school at the Pt England School. Victoria's class did a Multiple Intelligence test and posted their results on their blogs. I commented on hers saying that taking a M.I. test is really neat and can give you a different look on things. Her post has given me an idea of something I can do in the future as a teacher.

C4k #2

For my second comment, the class did a project where they discovered how many words they could type in one minute. I did the project and I typed 70 words per minutes. I commented telling them my score and that I thought it was a creative project.

C4k #3

For my third comment for kid I was assigned to Vatzana. Vatzana goes to school at St. Elmo. Her class did a video called "We are Similar Because..." In the video each student said how they are similar and how they are different from others. Vatzana said that she was respectful and creative. I commented to her saying that being respectful and creative are great things. I also said that respectfulness and creativity can take you very far in life!
In the video, the kids seemed to have really enjoyed making the video. They all showed their creativity and did a great job.

C4k #4

For my fourth comment for kid I was assigned to Max. For Max's blog assignment he was to create an avatar that was like him. His avatar looked like him, wore a hat representing a baseball team he likes, is holding a cat, and wearing a baseball glove. His avatar represented several things that he himself enjoys. I commented on his post saying that he did a great job with his avatar. I also told him that I too like cats and baseball. His avatar really showed his creativity.


  1. Thanks for leaving the comment on my class blog. The art posts always seem to draw a lot of attention.

    I have a question for you that I would love for you to answer honestly. What do you think of the assignments where you comment on blogs? Do you look differently at student blogs in k-12 than you do at your classmates posts?

  2. Wm chamberlain,

    I really enjoy commenting on other peoples blogs. I never did anything like this when I was in k-12th grade. It always surprises me at how well the younger kids do with their blog posts. I don't think that they are not smart or anything, I just know that I would not have been as good with computers at that age as they are. I guess I do look at them a little differently than I do my classmates just because they are younger and still learning a lot. I expect a lot out of my class mates blogs and I would think that they expect a lot out of mine. I always like to read what the kids have to say. I enjoy hearing the opinions of younger people.