Tuesday, October 25, 2011

C4T #3

C4T comment 1 on Dorothy Burt's blog Manaiakalani
Do Shoes Help us Learn?

On Dorothy's blog she posted a post titled "Do shoes help us learn?" In this post she mentions that she was thinking about the wearing of shoes and not wearing of shoes being an indicator of students learning. She then states that she did not wear shoes to primary school except on days when it was "frosty", but in highs school she was required to wear shoes as part of the uniform. She ended her post with asking this question "What was your experience with shoes and school, and how do you think they influence student learning?"
I commented on her post saying that I was required to wear shoes with my school uniform, but I think it would be really neat to get to experience school without having to wear shoes. I then said that I always liked wearing uniforms to school because I never had to worry about what I was going to wear the next day. Uniforms are also a good idea because everyone wears the same thing and the students see each other as the same.

C4T comment 2 on Dorothy Burt's blog Manaiakalani
Teacher Dashboard and Google Apps for Education.

This post was about Teacher Dashboard and Google apps that are used for education. In this post there was a video that showed how Teacher Dashboard is used and how Google Apps are used. I enjoyed watching this video because it showed me how helpful these things can be when it comes to teaching. I commented on this post saying that I was first introduced to Google Docs this semester in EDM310 and I love it. I also said that I did not realize how much Google had to offer until I read this post. I ended my comment with saying that the teacher dashboard looks awesome and very helpful. It seems to be a big help in staying organized and keeping up with students and their work. Teacher Dashboard will definitely benefit me in my future as a teacher.

teacher dashboard

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