Monday, October 3, 2011

C4T #2

C4T Comment 1 on Eva Buyuksimkesyan's Blog A Journey in TEFL

On Eva's blog she hosted a Blog Carnival. From what I read, I think a blog carnival is when many people share share different links and different ideas. For this blog carnival she asked for ideas for activities to do in the first week of school. I commented on her blog post saying that I loved the idea. There were many great ideas that I hope to use one day.

Blog Carnival

C4T Comment 2

On Eva's blog she did a post of a photoblog challenge. She posted 2 similar pictures with a cat in them and 3 tasks regarding the pictures.

white cat
black cat

Find at least 5 similarities between the pictures.
How are the cats different from each other?
Which of these cats would you take as a pet? Give your reasons.

I commented on her blog saying that I had never heard of a photoblog challenge because I am still very new to blogging. I also said that it looks fun and interesting and that it has given me ideas of things I can do with blogs in my future as a teacher.

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  1. Ashley,

    Seems like you got some great ideas to incorporate in your classroom one day!