Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

       I was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. I am an elementary education major. I love children and I hope to teach kindergarten one day. I love to travel. My most recent vacation was to California with one of my best friends. A goal of mine is to visit Uganda, Africa. My aunt and uncle are living there doing mission work and they are the ones who inspired me to become a teacher. They have started several schools and created their own type of education system that is well on its way to becoming the education system for the entire country of Uganda. One of my dreams is to move there for a year or two and teach in one of their schools. I have a twin sister named Chelsea. For eighteen years my sister and I lived in the same house and went to school together. When we decided on what colleges we wanted to go to she decided on The University of Alabama and I decided on The University of South Alabama. Our freshman year of college was pretty tough on us both because we had never been apart for that long. Thanks to Skype we were able to still see each other on a weekly basis and catch up on each others lives.
        All throughout middle and high school I was a cheerleader and took gymnastics. Unfortunately i was unable to cheer here at South because after years and years of gymnastics I now have a pars defect in my L5 vertebra (defect in my lower back). On top of my back issues, both of my knees are bad and constantly causing me problems and pain. My back and knee issues have caused me to "retire" early however, they have not taken away my hope of one day opening my own gym and teaching gymnastics to tons of children! I also have a love for J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings. I'm not sure why I love it so much but there is just something about it that draws me to it. I love the beach, I have hopes of one day living on Dauphin Island. I also love boating, fishing, Disney World, and trees. :)

        I pretty much knew everything that Dr. Pausch talked about. I agree with everything he says and I definitely try to practice some of the things that he talks about such as making do to lists and having a plan for everything. However, I will admit that I am not always organized and on top everything. I do let myself get overwhelmed with things but after listening to what he had to say I am going to try harder to make sure that I manage my time better.


  1. Ashley,

    I cannot say that I did not know any of this about you, because I already do! It is still interesting to read about in detail though. The way that the work your aunt and uncle have done in Uganda has been an inspiration to you is truly touching! I hope one day you can write a book about it.

    It seems Randy Pausch's video talked about things you were already familiar with, but maybe it at least worked as a reminder to keep up with everything like you have been doing! Did you find out who Randy Pausch is? You should go find out and let me know your reaction to this.

    Good post and welcome to EDM 310! I cannot wait to read what you post in the future!

  2. Thank you! I have never thought about writing a book but your comment has definitely sparked an interest. I did read a little bit about him. He is inspiring.

  3. Hello Ashley,

    I am glad you want to be a teacher. I hope you find a job in the local area because we can never have too many good teachers, which I am sure you will be one day. It is great that your aunt and uncle have started schools in Uganda. I hope they have great success as well. I would like to know how their education system works?

    From, Jason Jackson

  4. The main focus in their education system is to teach the children to speak English. Many of the children come from different villages and speak different languages.
    They also focus on teaching the children about Jesus Christ and the Bible.
    Other than that they teach them things we learn here in the United States.
    With a better education system the children have a greater chance of getting good jobs and a greater chance of providing a good life for their families.